Nisha Bhagat and her team busy packing meals for COVID-19 patients

Nisha Bhagat and her team busy packing meals for COVID-19 patients. (Photo| EPS)

RANCHI: Nisha Bhagat is a tribal woman who runs a café in Ranchi. Lately she has turned her business into a service for the families suffering from COVID-19. She provides free breakfast, lunch and dinner to these households. The thrice-a-day food supply reaches around 45 people.

It began around a fortnight ago when a woman caller asking for home delivery asked for ‘khichhadi’. “She was ready to pay whatever…I was a bit surprised because people generally don’t order that simple food over the phone,” recalls Nisha.

“Then the caller told me the sad part; everyone in that family had turned COVID positive and none of them was physically fit enough to cook food. I took the order and sent it out. That set me thinking why not provide free food to such families,” says Nisha.

She posted a message on social media about the free food availability for COVID patients. Soon, she started getting calls for help. Nisha is supported by Chandrasheker and Vinita Sahu. They have to get up at 5 am every day.

“Since the food goes to the ailing people, I take extra care of nutrition and cleanliness. In breakfast, we cook things poha, idli, upma along with a boiled egg, while in lunch we make rice, roti, green vegetables and salad. In dinner, one vegetable and chapatis are given,” says Nisha.

The food packets are home-delivered to infected families. Many people have come forward to help her with money in her free enterprise. “More than anything else, it is the blessings of the people who get what I serve them. It gives me immense satisfaction and inner strength to continue with my work,” says Nisha.


Source Link: TNIE