Amid calls to boycott and uninstall Chinese apps and softwares, there is an increased demand for Swadeshi apps and softwares across genres. Several existing social media platforms have been accused of bias, suspending thereby stifling free speech. To bridge this gap, Sri Sri Ravishankar’s Art of Living has come up with a comprehensive social media app called ‘Elyments’. Though the app is yet to be officially launched, it is already available on Google Play store and Apple iStore.
Dubbed as ‘India’s first social media app with complete data privacy’ and ‘Unbiased platform, secure conversations, seamless audio calls, regional languages & much more!’, Elyments will have all features of existing social media platforms and will include shopping and payment facilities too. Sumeru Software Solutions, an Art of Living Company is the creator of the app. 

AOL Elyments App_2 &

The app description on Play store reads “Elyments is a comprehensive social networking app that is literally a one-stop-app for everything you might need. Connect and converse with friends, share updates, network with like-minded people, discover interests, make seamless voice and video calls, and much more with Elyments.”
The interface of the Elyments app is very similar to Facebook and Instagram. The app allows users to register with their phone number and email ID. On signing up, the apps prompts the user to “create post, add stories, pay bills and more”. The welcome screen looks very much like Instagram, where the top row is for stories, followed by posts.
The app has a WhatsApp-like chat section, through which users can make audio/video calls. Elyments also has an Instagram-like Explore suggestions tab, where trending topics can be tracked based on the user’s interests. It also allows users to stream live from the app and watch live videos. The Elyments app also allows users to update stories like Facebook and Instagram.


Source: Organiser