U.S. favors early action on climate-friendly trade USA is interested in early action on climate-friendly technologies and discussing this possibility with other countries says Carol Guthrie, a spok

China slams developed nations on reduction targets China has slammed the developed nations, including the US and the EU, for announcing inadequate carbon mitigation targets while coaxing developing

Cabinet finalises India's position The Union Cabinet has discussed India's stand on climate change at the Copenhagen global summit. The Cabinet Ministers had thorough discussions on various

India resists pressure to go beyond Kyoto Protocol India opposed any amendment to the Kyoto protocol at the Copenhagen meet on Sunday, even as the EU pushed for an agreement that is "broader" than

U.S. to rely less on oil for energy by 2035: Government U.S. oil demand through 2035 is not expected to return to the peak levels reached before fuel consumption fell sharply due to high petroleum

International framework on climate refugees demanded While all nations participating in the climate change conference in Copenhagen are trying to get a share of the climate change deal, Bangladesh

Copenhagen accord an attempt to jettison the Kyoto Protocol and Bali Action Plan Insisting that the Copenhagen accord was reached to the satisfaction of all concerned, government today told the Raj

Implement your commitments: BASIC Ministers to Developed world Developed countries should implement their commitments developing countries on climate change in accordance with their historical resp

Glaciers in Tibet Plateau melting rapidly due to global warming Dharamshala: - Glaciers in the Amdo region of the Tibetan Plateau, the source of many rivers that sustain Asian subcontinent are melt

Commerce Ministry favours antidumping duty on Solar Cells The Commerce Ministry favoures the imposition of anti-dumping duty on solar cells. Believes it will boost manufacturing in the country and