The Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIR-CSIO) has developed a technology for precision manufacturing of safety goggles for the healthcare professionals involved in treating high-viral load patients as in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic. The current situation has brought out the need and significance of effective personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare service providers, patients and visitors from accidentally getting infected, a CSIR-CSIO statement said here on Friday.

The technology was transferred to the Sark Industries, Chandigarh on Friday for its commercialisation and mass production.

“The conjunctiva membrane, located inside the eyelid to lubricate the eyeballs, is the only exposed mucous membrane of the body. When the eyes are opened, the conjunctiva membrane is also exposed, making it an important but often overlooked entrance for viruses,” the CSIR-CSIO said.

The protective eyewear is ergonomically designed to provide full cover and efficient sealing of the eye area and would protect the healthcare professionals from hazardous aerosols as well as other suspended particles.

A team of CSIR-CSIO scientists, led by Dr Vinod Karar, Chief Scientist and Head, Optical Devices and Systems, had taken up the design and development of the safety goggles, in consultation with various industries and stakeholders, to come up with an affordable and innovative precision manufacturing technique for commercial scaling-up.

These safety goggles are designed with a flexible frame to provide a tighter sealing with the skin of the face and would cover the eyes and the surrounding areas, and are even accommodating for prescription glasses. It consists of a sturdy polycarbonate lens and adjustable elastic strap for ease of wearing.

The goggles can be used in varied environmental conditions without any fogging or fatigue, Dr Neha Khatri, Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator, CSIR-CSIO, who is associated with the project, said.

Dr Sanjay Kumar, Director, CSIR-CSIO, said the technology transfer was an outcome of the continuous efforts by the laboratory to develop technological solutions aimed at combatting COVID-19 and supporting the healthcare infrastructure in handling the crisis.

Apart from healthcare professionals, the safety goggle is also useful for the general public in crowded areas as well as in public transport.

Ishaan Sehli of the Sark Industries said the company will market the product in varied customer segments, including for healthcare workers, frontline police forces and staff of the offices involved in public dealings.