We often underestimate the power of food. It isn’t just something that fills our stomach, but a source of joy associated with some of our most precious memories. The shared love of eating brings us closer and connects us in ways that words often fail to describe.

For Munaf Kapadia, the love and appreciation for his mother’s home-cooked food only grew over the years. Belonging to the Dawoodi Bohra community, Munaf noticed that the delicious dishes he ate at home like the smoked keema samosa, kaju chicken, and nalli nihari, weren’t widely available.

He decided to host a dining experience at home called ‘The Bohri Kitchen’ (TBK) for people to taste the delicious food. Munaf sent out a few emails to friends and acquaintances explaining what the dining experience would entail. To his surprise, within two hours, he got a call from an acquaintance who wanted to come over with six of her friends. After being served a gratifying seven-course meal, the guests left his home with a smile on their faces, showering Munaf and his mother, Nafisa, with praises.

This was six years back in November 2014 on Munaf’s birthday.

“For me, my mum’s reaction was the most exciting part of the whole dining experience. Money was not a factor at that point. Also, this was an interesting experiment where I wanted to understand if I could create a brand online,” recalls the 31-year-old.

After receiving great feedback, they began to host experiences at home every week for eight people at a time. With time, this dining experience became more exclusive because it was hosted at his home.

TBK soon became the talk of the town. There was a long list of people who wanted to experience it and journalists from all over who wanted to cover it.

“We had become a sensation and got a lot of exposure from the local press. We even got press from BBC who came to shoot at our home, a segment which was telecast globally for eight minutes. That was a big thing for us,” says Munaf.

Munaf and his proud parents with late actor Rishi Kapoor who is seen enjoying the TBK’s home dining experience.

He realised the potential and officially founded TBK in August 2015. Before that, for nearly five years, he had been working at Google as an Account Strategist.

In the years that followed, TBK gained popularity among Mumbaikars with over 100+ dishes in a menu that showcases the Dawoodi Bohra cuisine. They set up two kitchens to deliver food along with offering catering services and found admirers in film stars like Rani Mukherjee, Rishi Kapoor, and Hrithik Roshan.

However, the journey has not been a smooth one. Munaf has overcome several roadblocks to run his business. Now, he’s writing a book commissioned by Harper Collins titled, The Guy Who Quit Google to Sell Samosas, which is slated for release later this year.


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