Swadeshi Jagran Manch 

National Council Meeting (Online)

June 5-6, 2021


Need for fast track enquiry into origin of virus

Everyone has the right to know the origin of the virus which has caused havoc to the world and humanity in the last 15 months. Issue, that the coronavirus which caused the pandemic, was produced in a laboratory in Wuhan (China), had come out of the laboratory by design or accidentally, has been in discussion almost since the beginning. The then US President Donald Trump was also repeatedly calling it a ‘Chinese virus’. 

Recently, many research findings are coming out, which suggest that the virus had actually originated from the laboratory of Wuhan Institute of Virology. It is to be understood that the World Health Organization has been studying the origin of coronavirus, but only symbolically. Without knowing the source of the origin of the coronavirus, we can’t solve this problem. The World Health Organization has not accepted that the virus was released from the laboratory and in its report published in March 2021 stated that it was a virus emanating from China’s animal market. The report said that the virus had emerged from bats and entered humans through another animal. However, the report also did not rule out its origin from Wuhan’s laboratory.

Since the World Health Organization is under substantial pressure from China, it has not been able to clearly link the virus’s origin to the Wuhan laboratory. But this apprehension cannot be completely ruled out. Therefore, the organization tried to satisfy the US by calling the report ‘inconclusive’. Also, it has been said on every related issue included in the report that more studies are needed for the same. But a large group of experts have not accepted this report and they are constantly looking into it further. In recent months, many studies and research papers are being published, which clearly indicate the intentional or accidental leaking of the virus from the Wuhan laboratory. Most experts around the world have rejected the World Health Organization’s report outrightly. They maintain that the World Health Organization did not investigate the issues which it was supposed to do.

Unholy relationship between WHO and China

The World Health Organization and its chief Tedros Adhanam have been under suspicion since the beginning of this pandemic. Human Rights Watch’s Director Ken Roth has said that the World Health Organization is guilty of ‘institutional complicity’. He said this in reference to the World Health Organization statement emanating from blind acceptance of Chinese falsehood, when it ruled out human to human transmission of this virus. Therefore, WHO has actually lost its credibility.

It is no secret that 86 million of the World Health Organization’s funding comes from China, 532 million from the Gates Foundation and 371 million from the Gates Foundation’s own subsidiary, GAVI Alliance. That indicates that the organization is under the tremendous influence of China and the Gates Foundation. It is worth noting that ignoring these voices coming from various parts of the world that the virus originated from China, the World Health Organization did not question the role of China. Bill Gates also tried to defend China and said that in fact China has done a very good work since the outbreak of the pandemic and the World Health Organization is a ‘phenomenal’ organisation. That is, connecting the threads, we clearly see the unholy relationship between China, the World Health Organization, Bill Gates and his Gates Foundation. And it’s also no secret that China had played a major role in the appointment of Mr Tedros Adhanom as Director General of World Health Organization. How this despicable relationship is causing havoc in the world is also clearly getting exposed.

This virus, call it coronavirus, the Wuhan virus or the Chinese virus, leaked (accidentally or by design) out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology of China, China came to know about it in November 2019, but information in this regard was given to the world only by the end of January. Conspiracy is getting reflected also in this delay. 

Significantly, on 14 January 2020, the World Health Organization tweeted, ruling out the human-to-human infection of the virus. WHO’s tweet stated, “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV0) identified in #Wuhan #China”.  

Due to this attitude of the World Health Organization, despite such a terrible virus no effort could be made to prevent human-to-human infection. Flights from China to countries around the world continued unabated and the virus spread from China to the whole world. The responsibility of this blunder was also not accepted by the World Health Organization. However, the then US President Donald Trump announced his break-up with the World Health Organization and its funding was also stopped. Although no other country has taken such a drastic step, but the image of the World Health Organization received a big blow.

Latest information

Articles in the Washington Post and many other research studies have now revealed involvement of America’s institutions and individuals with China in this game. According to the facts coming out, the researchers of Wuhan Institute of Virology were working on a ‘gain of function’ research project, which was aimed at how to infect the corona virus in human cells, that is, the experiment which possibly developed a virus like Covid-19. 

This fact has been brought to light by Nicholas Wade, Britain’s eminent science writer. Nicholas Wade says that since the virus was already developed in human cells, its chances of infection in humans increase. The role of Peter Daszak is even more dubious. This gentleman has been an important member of the Commission sent by the World Health Organization to Wuhan. This is the same person who published a paper in the prestigious research journal named Lancet, saying that the laboratory has no role in the spread of the virus.

But the letter did not reveal that Peter Daszak has been arranging funding for the Wuhan Institute of Virology through the New York-based Eco Health Alliance. That is, the conflict of interest was not disclosed. Since the World Health Organization is dominated by China, the investigation by the commission, which went to investigate the emergence of the virus in Wuhan also comes under suspicion. 

Apart from these people, names of some very top placed people is also coming to light, who have been instrumental in funding ‘Gain of functions’ research at Wuhan Institute of Virology, which would require further investigations to reach at conclusive evidence about the origin of virus and fix the responsibility for the worst pandemic of the history causing havocs for the mankind.